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It's important to meet a photographer or videographer in person to see how you get on, and you need to see whole weddings in print to appreciate the image quality, or a selection of videos. I'd love to hear more about you and your plans so far, and show you some sample albums.

Send me a message here, call or email if you have any questions, or to meet up to talk more about your wedding. If you live overseas or can't meet it's no problem, we can arrange everything by phone and email.


Have a free try!

If you've had a look at pricing and think I might be your photographer, I can offer you a simple free trial portrait session before you decide. We'll meet at a park, garden or if possible your wedding venue for some simple, fun photos. You'll come away with impressive photos of the two of you together, and see what it's like to work with me. If you're someone who always hates their photos, give me a chance and I'll prove you wrong!

The free trial is exciting and a great way to kickstart the wedding planning process. If that would be helpful, just ask.

Contact Details

0121 745 5306

07817 002115

16 Collister Close,
B90 3NA


Skype is great for a quick chat without having to go anywhere. I don't leave it on all the time so send me a text or call if I'm offline.

Skype: richardshephard

"We are in love with our photos Richard Shephard!! You are amazing and we couldn't have asked for a better photographer and lovely bloke to spend our day with!!!!!!"
Andy & Jo, Mythe Barn