Stowe House, Chris and Emma’s Wedding Venue

Last month I went to Stowe to meet Chris and Emma. It had been ages since I last saw them when they hand-picked me for their beautiful wedding, so it was great to see them and spend a couple of hours strolling round the estate together.

With the wedding coming TOMORROW, I wanted to take the chance to show you just how fabulous these two lovely kids are gonna look :-)

What a room to get married in!

As we walked through the famous and noted sights of the gardens at Stowe, Chris and Emma’s faces lit up when they came again to this, their favourite spot. They told me that one of the reasons they wanted to be married at Stowe was that it would always be a place they could come to visit. And this little nook in particular is their favourite spot. We’ll go there tomorrow for sure.

Ironically, Emma makes a living FIXING people’s hearts, so…

Toward the end of our walk, this was a lovely spot for a rest. I so enjoyed our time together guys, your affection for each other seems peaceful and perfect.

It is GOING to be sunny tomorrow!!


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