Group Photos Lists

Although most couples are looking for informal, natural photography, everyone always needs a few group photos. That's totally fine, but it's important to keep them fast and fun. That way everyone looks happy, you spend more time enjoying your day, and I get more time to find the natural, unplanned photos you really want. The key is to have a good list that covers all the essentials without spending your time on combinations you don't need. Over-planning here is dangerous. You'd be amazed how easy it is to take up your entire reception with a clipboard full of photos you'll never use. I promise, you'll abandon that list before I do!

If you can possibly help it, let's wait and chat about groups when we meet before your wedding. I have loads of experience and can make suggestions. If you really want to make a list yourself, do start with mine and just add or change a couple. Whatever you do, don't even read lists in bridal magazines! These are page-fillers written by desperate magazine editors and have nothing to do with your family. They will waste your precious wedding day to no good effect.

Download the list here if you want to print it. (Apologies for listing bride and groom by default. Here's the list for a same sex wedding.)

Starter Groups List

Bride and parents
Bride and bridesmaids

Groom and parents
Groom and best man
Groom, best man, ushers

(then both of you with all the following)

Bride's parents
Bride's immediate family
Groom's parents
Bride's immediate family

Maid of honour, best man
Maid of honour, best man, bridesmaids, ushers

All bride's relatives
All groom's relatives