Custom wedding songs from SZ Music

I met Susan at Dan and Nikki’s wedding nearly two years ago where she was one of Nikki’s elite squad of bridesmaids. As sometimes happens with people I meet at weddings we got a chance to work together again on a commercial photo shoot, and I already knew she was an amazing singer. So I was excited when she recently got in touch to tell me about her new adventure. If you’re struggling to come up with the perfect wedding song, or if you have one in mind but it isn’t quite right, Susan’s your girl. If you want to cheer up Evanescence, make Snow Patrol a bit less about chasing cars, or make Coldplay make a bit more sense, Susan can help you.

Or if you want to start from scratch you can just tell her your story and she’ll come up with something completely new for you. And then you can tell everybody that this is your song.

You can see the info on her website here and give her a call, you’ll love her.

SZ musicSuzannah and the bridesmaids


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