Mythe Barn Tasting Event

Back in February the lovely folks at Mythe Barn asked me to come to their tasting event for some photos and to meet their brides and grooms. The invitation-only tasting event is a chance for couples who’ve booked the venue to try out the menus and see what galloping gourmet (the talented caterers there) have to offer.

Mythe Barn has been one of my favourite venues since I photographed one of their first weddings in 2013. The barns are renovated and built perfectly to accommodate a stylish, fun wedding and the staff will really look after you. The food’s amazing too.

At the tasting event I got to set out my stand to meet the couples, and also took some photos of the food and details on display. The kitchen was amazingly efficient. I’m not that much of a chef, so I find it staggering that they can produce such a huge number of perfect looking plates of fine gourmet food practically simultaneously. They were serving a number of dishes at once, with each waitress knowing which plate to set down in each place at each table without asking the guests what they ordered. Impressive!

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