Wedding highlights video for Matt and Angela

I have something exciting to tell you. For years people have asked me, “do you do video as well?” and while I always did little bits here and there I couldn’t do both at once at a wedding. Too much equipment to set up and move quickly, and too many things to keep track of at once. But the latest DSLRs offer superb video as well as still photographs so we came up with a really nice compromise.

Rather than record every last bit of the wedding and produce a 2 hour feature length film (which would cost a lot more), I simply capture lots of little moments throughout the day. In between photos I’ll just hold on for a few moments longer and grab some key footage of the lovely bits of your wedding. This adds virtually nothing to the time it takes to get all your photos, and means you don’t have an additional person (or more) with cameras around you on the day. I’ll then create a highlights video set to music.

If you want to capture more of the day, all the speeches and the ceremony I’d still wholeheartedly recommend a full dedicated videographer like my good friends Van Rensburg Films. But if the budget doesn’t stretch that far and you’d like to capture just a little of the movement and emotion of your wedding as well as gorgeous photos, this is a really nice option.

Here’s Matt and Angela’s wedding highlights video from their wedding this summer. I’m putting together more examples and info, but do let me know if you’re interested in adding this to your photography package!


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