We’re Finalists! National Wedding Awards 2019

I’m very proud to say we’ve been chosen as finalists for best photographer at the national wedding awards! Some lovely person nominated us weeks ago and I’d forgotten all about it until yesterday when the email arrived to say we were selected.

So we’ll get to go to a fancy dinner at the Athena in Leicester and Kate can wear a lovely dress. I already feel like a winner to have her by my side and to be one of just ten photographers from the whole country. I can’t tell you how proud Kate is. But the sneaky little part of me thinks how it’d be just swell for her to see me go up there. So if you’re in the mood, please head over and vote. Don’t forget to select Newey’s the jewellers too. I know, you were already going to.

Shout out to Ilan and Nathalie, last time we were at the Athena!

We’re very lucky to work in an industry where personal attention and kindness really matters. Serving our customers on the most important day of their lives. In person. At times in a wedding ceremony there are just four people standing – the couple, the officiant and me. I’ll spend more time with or near the bride and groom than most of their guests will.

So it’s a business where it makes no sense for big companies to muscle in and take over. Warehouses, websites, factories, call centres, China. They just can’t compete with the way we can care for our customers. I don’t particularly like the term ‘customer service’. That’s just a database which automatically sends you a 5% discount email on your birthday. I prefer ‘love’. Because that’s what it is.

Helping a couple move house when I had a free afternoon, buying tickets to their choir’s christmas concert, sitting on the living room floor seven years after their wedding with their two toddlers climbing on me. It’s not trying to impress anybody – they’ve already booked! These are my friends. It’s as simple as that.

A huge thank you to the national wedding awards for choosing us, and to everyone who votes. We’re very grateful!


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