Our Roman Holiday

It’s been a year now since Kate and I got back from our honeymoon in Rome, and I thought I’d post some pictures at last. I remember leaving the UK with the weather looking much like it is now, and loving how much warmer it was over there. Travel really does broaden the mind. It can be expensive, but you’re not just buying a week, the memories will last a lifetime. And we’ve only really been around Europe, which of course is not like most of the world.

We loved Rome, and would recommend it for a great holiday if you want more than just lying on a beach or a pool in a compound that could be anywhere. I’m a bit of a nerd and I’m one for wanting to get the most out of an opportunity. So a part of me worried I hadn’t read up enough to appreciate the city fully. Stupid really, because you will never appreciate the city fully. I did get through 8 CDs of Italian and flick through the rough guide, which was a great move. But in the end of course you decide to just enjoy what you find, to wander and get lost (truly the best way to experience Rome – as the book said, there’s nothing quite like wandering through the city and accidentally stumbling across the Pantheon or Piazza Navona.) Anyway, chuck a coin in the Trevi fountain and you’ll be back before you know it.

To be honest, just being in a place where people have lived for 10,000 years and seeing buildings built BC is pretty amazing. And the city is so full of ‘ancient’ that you don’t even have to look for it. Even without knowing all that much about the history many of the famous sights (or sites) particularly St. Peter’s Basilica just blew my mind.

Rome is special in part because it’s old, and so much of the old is still there. It’s right that it should be protected and cherished. But it would be wrong to say it’s less ‘Rome’ today than it was back then. The people living in a city now are just as much citizens as the ones that went before. So there’s great food, music and all sorts to simply enjoy.

I did take a bunch of photos, but we were too busy having fun to do it properly. Besides, if you want a picture of the vatican just hit google images. I liked little details that drew my interest and views you wouldn’t have seen unless you’d been there. If you have, you’ll probably recognise some of them. And plenty of photos of the most wonderful thing to be seen in Rome that week, my lovely wife. A little bit touristy perhaps but that’s ok. We’re tourists, and she’s a particularly special one.




Every now and then you find a moment in life that you know you’ll remember forever. This was one of those.



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