Paul and Susie’s wedding at Swallow’s nest barns

This one’s special.

I suppose in many jobs, you will from time to time be doing your work for someone you love. But as a wedding photographer, it’s particularly exciting to think of someone close to you that you might one day photograph their wedding. John, Susie and Dave are the best kind of cousins. More like brothers and sister to Nicola and me. Susie and I have a lot in common (including – as I only recently learned – using Sketchup to design the most trivial of home storage) and she’s been so supportive right throughout my business. Kate and I were thrilled to hear the news shortly after our own wedding that Paul and Sue were engaged. Paul’s a wonderful man we love very much too and we couldn’t be happier for them both.

It’s been so hard to edit this wedding because I stop and smile at every single photo. And choosing a few for the blog was always going to be impossible. There’s so much I haven’t shown you. I want to give a huge thanks to my friend and colleague Clive ‘Ninja’ Blair for second shooting with me. I love his work. Between the three of us we took more photos than I’ve ever edited before. It was lovely to be guests as well as photographers, and Kate was excited to dress up properly and not have to carry her kit around.

Susie and her bridesmaids and family got ready at home, in the house we have christmas dinners and countless family parties in. The wedding was at St. Alphege of course, and the reception at Swallow’s nest barns. Even though I’m biased, I think it was a very beautiful wedding with amazing clothes, flowers, and home made decorations but most importantly happy people enjoying each other and celebrating wholeheartedly.

I always notice a piano in a living room. They’re so big and no use for storing books or TVs that you have to love it to have one. This one’s been here forever.

My ‘cousin and photographer’ mug. I’m having coffee in it as I write.

Paul and the guys at Carluccio’s in Stratford before getting ready.

I could show you the watch Sue bought Paul, but I think the expression says it all.

What. A. Guy.

I know I’m a total softy, but I was genuinely moved when Sue gave me a button hole with my name on it. I didn’t know THAT was going to happen :-)

Susie’s gorgeous bridesmaids arriving in Nicola’s colour coordinated bus, which actually also took Kate and I to our wedding. If Bryony on the right looks familiar, it’s because she’s making us all incredibly proud, windsurfing in Rio right now.

Meet dear Uncle Frank. Frank’s always been a keen photographer, and holds at least his ARPS distinction from the Royal Photographic Society. Possibly the fellowship too, we can’t remember. I have some catching up to do.

Swallow’s nest barn is a charming new venue, nestled in the countryside just outside Warwick.

We made the S&P as a gift like the R&K we had behind our bar. Very chuffed to see it here!

Lovely to have a photo of us together. I can’t tell you how much I love this wonderful and beautiful woman.

Sue’s dad Peter is an admirable, accomplished and kind man I’ve long looked up to. We enjoyed his speech immensely, as we always knew we would.

A little off camera flash magic in the evening to finish off our coverage of a very special wedding.


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