Wedding Highlights Video

There’s no denying it, some moments really benefit from filming as well as still photos. You want to see the dress move, the smiles spread across people’s faces, the embraces and laughter. Some couples choose to have both a wedding photographer AND video team, but apart from being expensive this increases the number of people hanging about and getting in the way. It can feel like a bit much – especially at a smaller family wedding. So we’ve come up with a great solution – the wedding highlights video.

What’s a wedding highlights video?

A wedding highlights video is a short film made from clips taken throughout the day. Rather than filming the whole ceremony, speeches and everything to produce hours of footage, I just capture a selection of moments. This means no additional cameras required, just me, and almost no extra time added onto the shooting. In most cases I’ll get the photos I normally would, then flick over to video and take another shot. I might get you to do something like walk along, straighten a tie or wave at somebody. These clips are then set to music and sent to you to use online or however you like.

To add a highlights video to your photography package only costs £200, which is a lot less than a dedicated video team. So while it’s not a complete wedding video in the traditional sense, it is something beautiful and just enough for sharing online and showing the drama and beauty of the wedding – without adding too much to the budget.

Here are some examples of our wedding highlights videos. For more info or to add one to your package please just ask!

"Hi Richard and Kate! We just wanted to say we absolutely love the wedding video and can't wait to share it on Facebook. It brought so many memories flooding back. Thank you so much for your brilliant work on the day.

Sending huge thanks again all the way from Crete! Best wishes, Rebecca and Nick xx"