It’s starting to feel distinctly like summer! I have a lot of weddings I never blogged from last year and I thought of Dan and Nicola as I was putting the finishing touches to their wedding album. They’re living an exciting life in Australia now, so they have to wait for someone to fly over to get their album.

Their wedding was a lot of fun. Nicola got ready at home with her girls and a some bubbles. The guys were waiting at St. Philips in Dorridge. It’s a special church for us as my sister worked there for a while, and Duncan the vicar there is such a great guy. Always a joy!

On to the reception at Ardencote manor, where we had a great time and took gorgeous photos. My word, that one on the landing got people saying ooooh when it went in the portfolio!

Lots of exciting weddings coming up and I’m particularly busy the next few weeks with engagement shoots and last minute bookings as well. So we’re looking forward to a wonderful summer!

bride and bridesmaids getting readybride's make upSt. Philips & St. James Bentley Heathbridesmaids carGroom steals a glancemarriedbride and groom leave churchbridal carwedding reception at ardencote manorcouple photographs at ardencote manorbride and groomupstairs at ardencote manorbride on stairsbride and groom at wedding venuebridal partygroom gives speechbridal bouquetfirst dance

I had a nice experience yesterday. I went to pull the post out of the letterbox and saw two cards, both addressed to me. I wondered if maybe I’d forgotten my birthday. Or worse, our anniversary. But no, they were just addressed to me. For a moment I looked for the postmark or an address to see where they’d come from. Isn’t that the weirdest thing to do? If you want to find out who sent it, there’s one fairly simple way…

They were two thank you cards from lovely couples who have recently got their wedding photos. Both arrived on the same day by coincidence. It makes me so proud when I get to read that my clients loved their photos and loved the process of working with me. But two cards at once is just wonderful.

That reminds me, I have a small favour to ask. If I’ve worked for you already and you have a moment to spare, I’d really appreciate a review on google. It makes a big difference to help people find me in future. You can just find my listing on google and click “write review”, or use this link as a shortcut: https://goo.gl/Iqmjag.

No, thank you!

thank you cards

We had a great weekend at the National Wedding Show at the beginning of the month. It was great to show off the new logo and website, and to meet so many brides and grooms planning their weddings. I’m making lots of calls and meeting people now, so if you’re considering booking your photography you should hurry up before the date goes!

Congratulations to Isobel and Greg who won a bottle of champagne, which will be on it’s way to you now.

champagne competition

Dan and Katy are getting married this year at Avoncroft and wanted to choose the perfect photographer for their wedding. We’d talked about packages and styles, so I thought I’d offer them a free trial. If we have the chance, a free trial is the perfect way for you to see how I work and decide if I’m your photographer. I know choosing a photographer for your wedding is a big deal. So what could be better than having a go before you choose.

If you’d like to arrange a free trial yourselves, please get in touch. Here are some of the photos we took at Avoncroft. Can’t wait for the big day!

Avoncroft Museum Avoncroft Museum Avoncroft Museum Avoncroft Museum Avoncroft Museum Avoncroft Museum Avoncroft Museum

Customers often ask me how much time to allow for photos, so I wanted to give you a bit of a guide. By the way, do also check out my advice on making a group photos list here.

Here’s the simple answer: plan to go in to dinner about an hour and a half after the end of the ceremony (plus travel time). This time is not all for photos but it means you can chat, have drinks and still get the shots without feeling rushed. If you’re working with a professional coordinator, they’ve probably suggested this anyway. For more detail, read on.

It’s hard to say exactly how long we need for photos because it depends on things like whether everyone’s arrived, how cooperative they’re feeling and how much space we’ve got. And while I can give you an idea of time, we won’t know exactly which time during the drinks hour we’ll use. Don’t plan it down to the minute because it just won’t work out like that. What we’ll do is let you mingle for a bit, then when you’re ready we’ll say ok let’s go, and get part of the list done.

For the big groups (everyone, extended families, friends) I’d estimate about 10 minutes total. For small groups it can be as little as 2 minutes each. But this depends on people being available and ready. If some of them have got lost, checked in to their rooms or gone for a walk it’s anyone’s guess. So to help the photos go smoothly I’d recommend briefing your VIPs in advance.

Let your bridal party know they’ll be needed at a certain point for photos. When the time comes they should stay near and be ready to step in and out. Mums want me to get everyone else ready first and come back for them. Dads wander off after every single photo. If we do it like that it will take all day! I’ll be as efficient as possible and we’ll let each of them off as they’re done. Do think about this if people have jobs to do during the reception like moving flowers or setting up.

For just the two of you I’d say we can get something done in 5 minutes if we have to. 10-15 minutes is great. 20 is a luxury, but I don’t want to keep you from your guests that long. It can also be nice to get back out again later on for some sunset or night time shots if you can.

Allow time for group photographs