Nathan & Katie’s Wedding at Albright Hussey

Some photos from a very special wedding this year. Nathan and Katie were married in the blazing sunshine in the gardens of Albright Hussey, a lovely old country hotel in Shrewsbury. The guests enjoyed cool drinks and mingled in the perfectly manicured grounds, and watched this happy couple make their vows, interrupted only by the sound of horses in the field next door saying hello.

Katie’s dress was absolutely stunning and I know Nathan was amazed as we all were by how beautiful she looked. It was great to be able to get back outside after dinner for some more portraits in the golden hour.

We also produced a highlights video which I’m proud to show on our video page too. Take a look!

We won! Best wedding photographer 2019 National Wedding Awards

Getting to know my customers, turning them into friends and producing gorgeous photos that enrich their lives has always given me the biggest buzz in photography. In fifteen years photographing weddings I never really went in for awards and titles, preferring to let my work speak for itself, alongside the recommendations I get from previous customers and wedding venues alike.

But back in March some of those wonderful customers nominated me for the National Wedding Awards which was wonderful. As a small business in a creative and professional field we take huge pride in our work and pleasing our customers. To know they’re happy enough to make such a gesture is very rewarding. So when the awards got in touch to say they’d selected me for their national shortlist of ten and asked if we’d like to enter and attend a special dinner and ceremony we said hell yes. Like I said, any excuse to dress up like James Bond and fiddle with my cuffs.

Turns out though, once you know you are truly in the running for something you realise you wouldn’t half like to win it! There’s the rub. You really do have to wait for the big night until someone says “and the winner is…” to find out. That’s kind of the fee you pay to enter – the waiting.

Obviously I’d already decided to stick with Daniel Kahneman’s baseline theory and rate my chances at one in ten, but just to enjoy a great night out with my favourite person. And we certainly did. We had a drink, a great dinner, watched people dancing with fire, cheered some friends in other categories who won (GO ON GEORGE!) and a dance after. What more could you want?

To be honest it was a bit of a blur going up to collect the award but I managed to say a quick thank you, and I was so very proud to have my co-photographer, best friend and wife with me. They’re all the same person. Thank you Kate for all your love and support. Here’s to another year of beautiful weddings, new friends, old friends and great adventures.

Josh & Charlotte’s Mythe Barn Wedding Video

Such a pleasure to photograph Josh and Charlotte’s wedding last month at one of our favourite venues, Mythe Barn. They opted for the highlights video alongside their photographs, and I’m so glad they did. It came out beautifully. Charlotte had planned some beautiful details, especially the most gorgeous flowers. And they had the best day with all their families. Thank you for having us take your photos, and for letting us share your video with everyone!

Pete & Becky’s Wedding at Gorcott Hall

I loved working with Pete and Becky. Like me they’re cub scout leaders, so they’re used to planning things, and making crafty things too. We had a lot in common – although I’m jealous that unlike me Pete can drive a tractor. So he did!

Gorcott hall is a lovely private house and garden for a fun and intimate wedding. Becky got ready in the bridal suite while guests arrived below and sipped champagne in the gardens to live music afterwards. They had so many personal and home made touches, including real badges to sew on your camp blanket. So very cool.

We’re Finalists! National Wedding Awards 2019

I’m very proud to say we’ve been chosen as finalists for best photographer at the national wedding awards! Some lovely person nominated us weeks ago and I’d forgotten all about it until yesterday when the email arrived to say we were selected.

So we’ll get to go to a fancy dinner at the Athena in Leicester and Kate can wear a lovely dress. I already feel like a winner to have her by my side and to be one of just ten photographers from the whole country. I can’t tell you how proud Kate is. But the sneaky little part of me thinks how it’d be just swell for her to see me go up there. So if you’re in the mood, please head over and vote. Don’t forget to select Newey’s the jewellers too. I know, you were already going to.

Shout out to Ilan and Nathalie, last time we were at the Athena!

We’re very lucky to work in an industry where personal attention and kindness really matters. Serving our customers on the most important day of their lives. In person. At times in a wedding ceremony there are just four people standing – the couple, the officiant and me. I’ll spend more time with or near the bride and groom than most of their guests will.

So it’s a business where it makes no sense for big companies to muscle in and take over. Warehouses, websites, factories, call centres, China. They just can’t compete with the way we can care for our customers. I don’t particularly like the term ‘customer service’. That’s just a database which automatically sends you a 5% discount email on your birthday. I prefer ‘love’. Because that’s what it is.

Helping a couple move house when I had a free afternoon, buying tickets to their choir’s christmas concert, sitting on the living room floor seven years after their wedding with their two toddlers climbing on me. It’s not trying to impress anybody – they’ve already booked! These are my friends. It’s as simple as that.

A huge thank you to the national wedding awards for choosing us, and to everyone who votes. We’re very grateful!