What should a photographer wear to a wedding?

Last time I bought a pair of black shoes was 2008. Nickelback wanted to be rockstars, Adele was chasing pavements and Take That ruled the world. As my grandad would say, a really good pair of shoes will last for years. He was in the navy, and grandma was a nurse theatre manager. Both precise people. One time she reported her operating room was one surgical swab short after an operation. The doctors all said no, the nurse must have miscounted. But she insisted. She was right, and you can guess where the swab was found (shudder).

It was at their house before school that we learned to make the best hot chocolate in the world, and how to polish your shoes the old fashioned way. Something I’ve always done since. Baden-Powell (king of the cubs) said you can judge a man by the backs of his shoes. Meaning of course that you can trust a man who doesn’t just take care of the things everyone sees, but does a proper job for it’s own sake. Because he’ll know, if no one else does.

Every now and then a man has to look the part, and weddings are an obvious example. I genuinely feel at my best looking smart, and it’s a nice way to show respect to your hosts. I always assumed everyone felt the same way. But a few times now the registrar has said how nice it is to see a photographer make an effort. I honestly couldn’t believe them when they told me it’s usually jeans and a t shirt. One of my brides last year thanked me for looking smart at her wedding. And a lovely vicar I know told me a photographer once stood right up at the front with her, wearing a hoodie with a big skull on the back. Now I don’t want to judge – if you couldn’t care less what your photographer wears then cool cool cool cool. But surely even if we’re not IN your wedding photos, we’re still AT your wedding. People will see us. You know, people…with eyes?

So my excellent pair of dress shoes finally gave it up this summer. They’ve had plenty of new soles and heels but it was at last time to replace them. I looked in all the shops in Solihull (yes including monkeyshu) and was on the train to Brum for more shops when I realised this was getting serious. That’s when one of my most fine and distinguished grooms came to the rescue (thanks Iain!) by recommending Loake.

As I walked into their store on Cathedral Square it felt like a world of difference. I couldn’t help thinking that this is exactly how I want my customers to see me when I meet them. Not pushy, not bored, but pleasant and genuinely helpful. This actually doesn’t take any special training or even much effort when you truly like getting to know and helping the people you work for. Christopher in the store was very knowledgeable and explained things about the leather to me. Didn’t explain things I obviously already knew. And basically made sure I left with the right pair of shoes.

Good shoes seem expensive as hell, until you discover they last five to ten times as long as bad ones which makes them a bargain. They also take a bit of wearing in (ouch!) but it’s worth it to have something good you’re proud of.

Loake wedding shoes

Trisha & Jennifer’s Wedding at Eastington Park, Gloucestershire

Trisha and Kate have been friends since they worked together years ago, and when she told us that she was planning to marry her lovely Jennifer (who is just wonderful) Kate said “I’m coming to photograph that wedding with you!” We couldn’t wait, and it was quite a long time between making plans and the big day. But it finally came and we had a wonderful time with these two ladies and their sweet families at Eastington Park in Gloucestershire.

This bride and bride are big disney fans and planned a day that was as fun as it was beautiful and full of joy. The weather was gorgeous and the ceremony was held outside in the garden. We just love a wedding of two ladies. Two gorgeous dresses, two proud dads and loads of love and laughter. Here’s our highlights video from the day, followed by a few photos.

Which ones were they again? National Wedding Show so far…

If you came to see us this weekend at the National Wedding Show, thanks so much for stopping by. We’re always excited to meet so many lovely couples and hear about their wedding plans. I know after a big show like this you come away with a bag full of brochures trying to remember who you liked, so here’s a little reminder of us.

And if you didn’t get to the show but you’re planning your wedding and need a photographer or videographer please do get in touch. We’d love to come and meet you for a chat and a flick through some sample albums.

Happy planning!

A Greek Orthodox Wedding at St. Lukes Erdington for Michael and Alexia

I have a rather beautiful wedding from the beginning of the year to show you. Michael and Alexia were married in a traditional Greek Orthodox ceremony at Holy Trinity & St Luke’s church in Erdington. It’s an incredible venue which I’m told was only opened in the 1990’s but looks like it’s been there forever. The brightly decorated walls and ceiling and elaborate adornments quite take your breath away when you first enter. It’s fun to see a ceremony so different from what you’re used to, and to understand the symbolism even if you don’t understand the language!

I loved Alexia’s passionate and beautiful family, and Michael is a charming and warm man. Together they created a wonderful atmosphere and celebrated in style at my home from home, Hampton Manor. Michael and Alexia’s family are big dancers and they had an amazing evening, complete with sparklers and a teepee campfire for marshmallows. Να ζήσετε to the bride and groom. And Και στα δικά σου to anyone planning their own!

National Wedding Show Autumn 2019 at the NEC

Exciting news, we’re now going to be exhibiting at the National Wedding Show in both Spring and Autumn at the NEC. It’s a long and busy weekend, but we get to meet so many new brides and grooms it’s all worthwhile. So if you’re free on the 27th, 28th or 29th of September, come and see us at stand G26.

By the way, if you’d “love” some free tickets just send us an email. We have a few pairs left to give away.

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