A Greek Orthodox Wedding at St. Lukes Erdington for Michael and Alexia

I have a rather beautiful wedding from the beginning of the year to show you. Michael and Alexia were married in a traditional Greek Orthodox ceremony at Holy Trinity & St Luke’s church in Erdington. It’s an incredible venue which I’m told was only opened in the 1990’s but looks like it’s been there forever. The brightly decorated walls and ceiling and elaborate adornments quite take your breath away when you first enter. It’s fun to see a ceremony so different from what you’re used to, and to understand the symbolism even if you don’t understand the language!

I loved Alexia’s passionate and beautiful family, and Michael is a charming and warm man. Together they created a wonderful atmosphere and celebrated in style at my home from home, Hampton Manor. Michael and Alexia’s family are big dancers and they had an amazing evening, complete with sparklers and a teepee campfire for marshmallows. Να ζήσετε to the bride and groom. And Και στα δικά σου to anyone planning their own!


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