After 18 years photographing the most glorious weddings for the most beautiful of couples I’m excited to say I’m starting something new. I have loved being a part of so many of life’s magical moments for you and honestly I really could have gone on forever. But we live long lives and have multiple passions. It’s time for me to pursue my next. Believe me, it’s hard work but totally worth it.

I will always be a photographer, whatever I get up to. And I DO like champagne and wedding cake. But for the time being I won’t be taking any more bookings from 2022.

Thank you to all who have made us a small part of your big story. Look me up, keep in touch!

Yours in f2.8, 1/125th and ISO1600... Richard

Combermere Abbey, Chris & Gemma’s Beautiful Wedding

We’re hanging in here through the storms and cold weather. Summer feels a long way away now, but we don’t need to wait for summer. April, April can be glorious! Here’s what we were doing last April.

I met Gemma and her mum at the NEC. We hit it off straight away and they came back later in the day to book me on the spot for Gemma and Chris’s wedding photography. I love it when a bride knows exactly what she wants.

Getting to know Chris and Gemma in the run up to the day I discovered they were both engineers at Rolls Royce, which is just awesome. Chris mentioned in his speech that the marriage certificate is actually not the first legal document with both their signatures on it. That would be patent #R2563-B. Alright I made that number up but it was very funny.

I absolutely love meeting women who work in STEM, but Chris and Gemma also love Sigur Rós, sparklers, interesting old buildings, and garden games. So we have a LOT in common. Needless to say, the day went beautifully with the guests enjoying drinks in the grounds and orchard over a game of croquet or table tennis. A brilliant reception, very enjoyable speeches and lots of dancing. All topped off for me by waving sparklers about singing to the Jurassic Park music “I’m a dinosaur, I’m a dinosaur…” (bet you didn’t know that famous theme had lyrics, huh?)

And we got another chance to say hello back in the autumn when Gemma brought her sister Kathy to the NEC again as she was planning her own wedding. We’d actually made a sample album from the wedding to put on display and they were surprised and happy to see it there. Of COURSE we made a sample album…