Dave and Emiko’s wedding at the Royal Naval College, Greenwich

It’s always an honour as a wedding photographer to be asked to photograph the wedding of someone close to you. Dave was a friend for years at secondary school and I remember lots of parties and expeditions in metros, fiestas and 105’s. Dave always had a certain effortless class I thought. He’s now an incredibly bright chap, accomplished pianist and all round good guy. So I was pleased and excited that he got in touch last year to say he was to marry his lovely Emiko, and they’d like me to take their wedding photos.

What was just as exciting was that the wedding would take place at the old naval college in Greenwich. It’s a famous building I’ve seen loads of times from afar but never been to. And a quick google of the painted hall in which the actual ceremony and reception would take place, left me jaw dropped.

My folks often took my sister and me to London for one reason or another. I think they liked the idea of us finding our way in a bigger badder world than Bracknell, and they had plenty of stories to interest us with there. My Dad’s Dad studied at the naval college, and I remember being told this as we looked across the Thames at the regal twin domed buildings. I’m not sure if my Mum’s Dad did too, but he’d have certainly visited many times, being in the navy as well.

So after a pre wedding visit and a superb Sunday lunch (thanks guys!) the big day arrived and both Kate and I were invited as guests as well as photographers. So great to see many school friends again.

I believe lots of Emiko’s family had come over from Japan speaking next to no English, which made for a few of those lovely misunderstood but totally good natured moments you get at an international wedding. Emiko’s Dad put me to shame with his tripod skills too ;-)

We were particularly chuffed with the sunset pictures we took in the grounds in the evening. And we had a great time as friends as well as professionals, so thank you Emiko and Dave for having us!

Bride's mum before weddingbride's dad with camcorderbride and father at GreenwichGroom waits at royal naval collegewedding at royal naval college greenwichchampagne and minglingbride and bridesmaidsbig group photoscouple on steps of painted hallbride and groom in painted hallbride and groom on stepswedding reception at royal naval collegedecorative ceilingdusk photos by thamessunset portraits in Greenwichevening dinner in painted hallbride and groom dancedancing at wedding reception

A couple of photos of me and Kate, just for fun. One of the things that happens when you have two photographers is that we get the occasional picture of each other. Sometimes this is testing the lighting for a shot one of us has planned later, and sometimes it’s just because I look irresistibly ridiculous trying to get into position for something. I like the last one. Kate was a great dancer until I taught her some of my moves. We’re working on a routine. I learned this one from a three year old at a wedding.

Richard taking photosKate watching speechesKate tests lighting


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