Ian & Mary’s Wedding at Henley Golf and Country Club

The couple photos are one of my favourite parts of the day for obvious reasons. The bride and groom step away from the busy crowd, and have a few moments to be together with just me trying not to get in the way too much. We don’t take too long over it, but this time is special. People are always telling me it felt like a turning point in the day. Up to that point they got ready separately, walked into the ceremony and things just flowed from there without much time to think. Now they are married. They are together. And they will rejoin their party – maybe holding hands, to relax and celebrate with their guests.

The couple photos are also so important. I get that everyone wants natural photos of all the people, things and events of the day, and I do love to provide those. But this day is about the two of you. If you could only have one photo, it would be here. The one photo you probably have of your parents or grandparents weddings is almost certainly just the two of them.

Here are some couple photos from Ian and Mary’s wedding back in July. They’re a sweet couple, and their families and friends were super lovely to be with. We had a great day at Henley Golf and Country Club.



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