James and Vikki’s Christmas Wedding at Dodmoor House

I love a Christmas wedding and Dodmoor House is one of my favourite places in the world. James and Vikki planned a gorgeous day with their families to celebrate their wedding. With some stylish details (love those chair backs) and thoughtful touches, like popcorn and beer pong! Everyone had an amazing day.

Working with a second photographer on a day like this gives us a lot more scope for capturing those informal candid moments at the same time as the portraits. We were also producing our highlights video, so keep going to the end of this post to see it.

It was only after booking James and Vikki’s wedding we found out we would also be photographing the wedding of their friends Jake and Abbie next year, so it was lovely to catch up with them too.

A winter wedding presents a few challenges with the lighting especially. And if guests are spending most of their time indoors it’s a little harder to move people around for those group photos. Fortunately at Dodmoor we’re able to use the newly styled wall of the barn for small groups, and on this occasion we set up remote lights to light the courtyard steps for that big group photo just as people went into dinner. I’m really pleased with how that one worked out considering the time of year!

The courtyard is just magic though later on and the fairy lights provide a beautiful background for some carefully lit evening portraits.

If you love Dodmoor and you haven’t yet voted in the National Wedding Awards, what are you WAITING for?! And all the love and luck in the world to James and Vikki who are quite simply wonderful.

Gorgeous Jake and Abbie, being gorgeous.


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