Some of our 2017 favourites

It’s been an exciting year of weddings to photograph. We’ve made new friends, celebrated with old friends and been to some special new places. As the wedding photography business continues to change it’s more important than ever to actively seek out those wonderful couples who really appreciate gorgeous photos and service provided with love. I’ll never be cheap enough for the many folks who just need “someone to take a few snaps” (shudder) and I’m honestly OK with that. As long as we keep finding brides and grooms who want to connect on a personal level, who love the work and really get what we can do for them, I’ll consider it a true honour.

Here’s to a fabulous 2018. Kate and I hope you had a very merry christmas, and you’re looking forward to wonderful adventures next year. If you’d like some of the adventures photographed, just invite us along!


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