Tom & Jade’s Mythe Barn Wedding

Rolling up to Mythe Barn with Kate on the 12th of September this year felt a bit like coming home. Despite the grandness of the place, the overwhelming feeling I always get is one of welcome and the promise of a really good day ahead of you. With smiles so warm you can see them in the eyes despite people’s face masks.

Back when we first met Tom and Jade of course none of us knew what was coming this year. The wedding business has been turned on it’s head for sure, and quite understandably many couples have opted to postpone, even where they could have gone ahead with smaller numbers. But Tom and Jade decided the most important thing was to actually be married. And at the time photographers had to be included in your 30, so we were all the more honoured to be asked to photograph and film the big day.

Knowing there would be many people who couldn’t attend we managed to fit a bit more video into our plans so they could watch the ceremony and speeches afterwards. But our main video production was their highlights film, which we’re so proud to share over on vimeo here.

Thanks to lockdown, this was by far the longest gap I’ve ever had between weddings in my 17 years of wedding photography, so the feeling of coming home was strong as we started to shoot that morning. Here are just a few of our favourites.


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