The BigSmall Wedding

Hello friend, how are you holding up? It feels like the world’s been turned upside down, and for some people a lot more than others. If you never did like shopping that much, worked from home (you know – something with computers) and didn’t have kids you might have been doing alright. But for probably all of us in one way or another these months have been frightening, isolating or even ruinous. To put it in stiff-upper-British it’s been “actually a bit of a nuisance, really”.

Weddings feel like they’ve been particularly messed around with. We heard yesterday that we’re allowed up to 30 guests but no partying. I mean, unless you hold the party in Primark, then you’re fine apparently. Things are changing on a much faster timescale than people normally take to plan weddings, so I don’t think it’ll be more than a few weeks or months before the rules change again.

But some people will be looking at the calendar and thinking, “You know what? Let’s do it.” Maybe a small wedding was always your preference. Or maybe you did want something bigger but now you – and I’m quoting one of my customers here – just can’t wait any longer to marry the dude. So if you’re thinking about it, I’m here to advocate the merits of what I’d call a BigSmall wedding. That’s a new word I just made up. Oh sure other people may have made it up too, some of them before me. But I made it up too.

Kate and I had a BigSmall wedding with 28 people. Working in weddings we didn’t feel the need to do what a lot of people had done before and have the same thing just with our faces on it this time. We wanted to celebrate with our nearest and dearest and have a wonderful day. We sure as hell love each other more than, like…flip! So we chose a beautiful cottage in the Peak District with just enough room in the garden for our own ceremony, and got a week’s holiday for some of them to stay over.

We did spend disproportionately on a couple of things though. Kate had a stunning dress from our lovely friends at Platinum Brides, and our photographer Chris was wonderful. Even though the wedding was small, I wanted Kate to feel amazing, and we both wanted gorgeous photos. So I guess that’s the point – figure out what’s most important to you, and create something truly special.

I’m aware people will be planning all sorts of things like split days where you get married now and party next year. Some couples will have been forced to reschedule to a date when their original choice of photographer wasn’t available. If there’s anything we can do please do get in touch and tell us about your plans. We’d love to help.

James and Kelly celebrated a beautiful wedding at Hampton Manor a couple of years ago now. Maybe they invented the BigSmall wedding. I’d be cool with that.


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